About Pre-Emergency Planning, LLC

Our business is built on Trust. We trust our staff will complete your work products on time. We will honor our promises and follow through on our clients request. We use our client's information to support their training and exercise needs ensuring complete confidentiality.  

Quality products and services are our #1 priority. Our work will be of superior quality and content. Staff and client innovation and creativity is encouraged to meet the ever changing challenges in training delivery. Our company will provide a service to our customers by reducing their workload. 

Our personnel research specific hazard information to become knowledgeable on the subject matter they present. Background investigation and fact finding will support our knowledge. On-going staff training to keep skills honed is encouraged.  

We will have respect and compassion for employees and customers. Realizing that life issues do arise we will support individual needs.

Why Choose Pre-Emergency Planning, LLC?  

• Our efficient process eliminates the need for lengthy planning meetings
• Our process positively affects your overall operational costs
• We offer a variety of customizable pre-developed exercises
• We can design an exercise unique to your emergency operation plan needs
• Our organization provides solutions with an all-risk, all-hazards approach including natural, technological, and national security events.  

Why You Need to Plan for an Emergency:  

With advance preparation, planning, training and exercising, private and public organizations are able to effectively manage the consequences of and minimize the impacts of hazard related events.

Why You Need Pre-Emergency Planning, LLC:  

Pre-Emergency Planning can provide you with all of your pre-exercise training needs, from an overview of the Incident Command System to Emergency Operation Center workshops.  

A crisis preparedness program needs to follow an established periodic cycle of planning, training, and exercising to ensure its effectiveness. We will make your job easier!

Pre-Emergency Planning, LLC had received certification as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) through the State of Wisconsin Department of Administration