Community and Public Health Preparedness

Protecting the health of our communities requires a public health workforce that is prepared to respond to a wide variety of public health threats. A key element of public health preparedness includes regularly-exercised plans and clear knowledge of individual and agency roles and responsibilities.

On a day to day basis the mission and critical roles and responsibilities of public health professionals are understood. In a community crisis, public health professionals will initiate the principals outlined by the National Incident Management System to manage a significant event.

Recognizing that public health departments do not operate in a command and control structure on a day to day basis, Pre-Emergency Planning can develop a program of training, drills and exercises to evaluate your operational readiness using the principals outlined in the Incident Command System and the processes identified by the National Incident Management System.

An ongoing program of assessment, planning, implementation, training, exercises and evaluation with community response partners will strengthen your program. Through ongoing training and exercise you will strengthen your position for readiness.


We can develop customize exercise to test your:

  • Mass Clinic Plans
  • Surge Capacity Plans
  • Strategic National Stockpile Plans
  • Community Containment Plans and other Public Health arenas

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