To utilize a full range of exercise types, consistent with the building-block approach, consideration should be taken regarding the benefits of conducting a workshop.

A workshop is a discussion-based exercise that can be used as a starting point in the building-block approach of escalating exercise complexity. The workshop will typically highlight existing plans, policies, interagency/inter-jurisdictional agreements, and procedures. Workshops are valuable tools for familiarizing agencies and personnel with current or expected capabilities of an entity. Participant interaction is increased and the focus is on achieving or building a product (such as a draft plan or policy).

Workshops may also be used to produce new standard operating procedures, emergency operations/response plans, mutual aid agreements, radio communication plans, incident action plans, multi-year training plans, or improvement plans.

Workshops often use breakout sessions to explore parts of an issue with smaller groups. The goal of this type of exercise is to test new ideas, processes, or procedures and to train groups in coordinated activity that delivers results and team consensus. Pre-Emergency Planning can provide skilled designers and facilitators to develop your specific workshop. We will aide in establishing the specific objectives, develop scenarios, and define evaluation criteria, lead the discussions and keep the participants on track toward meeting workshop objectives.